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Try Eclim

I have started using eclim as my Java, C and C++ development environment.

eclim is a project aimed for vim developers to incorporate the power of Eclipse into vim editor.

eclim provide host of features for java development that can be used from within your vim environment.
Some of them are

– Context sensitive code completion
– Code correction suggestions with option to apply a suggestion
– Java source and java doc searching capabilities.

Above features together with the most of the essential features one would expect from a java development environment make eclim a strong development environment for vim users.

The only catch is that you need to start a daemon called eclimd in order to use eclipse features from within vim. But that’s OK with me.

There is another way of using eclim as a vi editor from within Eclipose IDE. However I don’t like to play with Monsters like Eclipse.

My way of doing things is using the most familiar tool for me to get a job done. In that respect Unix pipe concept, which emphasize “use the best tool for the task at hand and if need to do more things plumb it with other tools. One tool do just the thing it is intended, nothing more, nothing less”.

See here for a set of eclim features. This getting started guide is the only document I followed to get my eclim environment running.


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I have been using firefox in vimperator mode for some time. It is an extremely fun way to browse the web for an vi addict.
Once a vi user, get addict to it I’m sure he will never go back to usual firefox mode using mouse.
I can navigate pages and links, add and search bookmarks and  more importanty search the vi way, so much easily without moving my hands off the keyboard.

Of course good old Lynx is still usable in these modern days of the web. It is immensely valuble on certain low bandwidth environments.

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