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NTLM auth support for Axis2/C

I have added NTLM authentication support for Axis2/C recently.

I have added this support by writing a dynamically loadable library called axis2_ntlm which wrap an existing NTLM library. Currently it wrap a NTLM library called Heimdal [1].

However one can write his own wrapper for the external NTLM library of his choice.

When using Heimdal, if I send same messages to a server requiring NTLM authentication using different connections, I noticed that some authentication requests fail with server responding that the provided credentials are not valid, even when the provided credentials are perfectly valid. If I repeat the same request again it is authorized. This intermittent failure come from Heimdal, because when linked with a wrapper for a different external library like libntlm[2] it works fine. It seems that Heimdal no longer actively support it’s NTLM library, so I encourage ppl to use libntlm instead. I have attached the code for libntlm wrapper for Axis2/C NTLM below[3] as a text file. Also you can download this libntlm wrapper for Axis2/C at [4]. One use this code to compile a wrapper for Axis2/C by studing how it is done for Heimdal. Note the additions to configure.ac, samples/configure.ac when it is done for Heimdal.

[1] http://www.h5l.org/

[2] http://josefsson.org/libntlm/

[3] https://damithakumarage.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/libntlm_wrapper-c.doc

[4] https://github.com/damitha23/libntlm-axis2c.git


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