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I wanted to try create a web service using my POJO style bean without going too much detail into Axis2. I found this useful tutorial by Saminda.
However although it was too easy to get a Axis2 service deployed into WSO2 WSAS server, I had to struggle a bit in Ubuntu Karmic platform. Following I explain what happened there.

In the tutorial it does not mention that we need Eclipse IDE for EE developers. Either you need to use this or upgrade your Eclipse IDE for Java developers for EE. First I downloaded the EE version and tried it. However in my machine it had some stability issues with Eclipse and it crashed serveral times. So I installed Eclipse Java developer version. Note that I had to install all JST related plugins in addition to EE plugin for Eclipse in order to get this work.

Once I had my Eclipse ready for J2EE the rest of the tutorial went smoothly and in less than one minite I could deploy my service in WSO2 WSAS and try it.


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