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We are 5

Last week WSO2 celebrated 5 years in all grandeur befitting the success it achieved so far.
When I joined WSO2, 5 years ago it composed of a bunch of young extremely talented people guided by Dr. Sanjiva and Paul Fremantle, driven by a passion to become a global brand.
The ongoing success of WSO2 could be briefed in these words. Vision, Culture and Passion.

Vision: Dr. Sanjiva Weeerawarana, Paul Fremantle, James Clerk and Jonathan Marsh. These people are great visionaries of the XML and Web Services technology. Without their vision, without their guidance WSO2 would not be here today.

Culture: WSO2 have a unique culture which is blender of open source thinking, Sri Lankan ingenuity, Freedom, sports, off-site meetings, tours. People here don’t consider work as work. it is their life. They blend work nicely with freedom, pastime, happiness.

Passion: It is the passion that binds the WSO2 threads together. As I understand even a genius who is non-cooperating, non-passionate, unapproachable is useless when it come to the success of a software product. WSO2 is gifted with several genius people who are quite the opposite.

Now WSO2 fast growing with number, quality I sincerely hope that it’s community will keep the good things that helped it so far, up to the future.


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