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I’m very much pleased to acknowledge the WSF/C++ release from WSO2. This is a long felt need for the WSO2 web services stacks in C/C++. As I have pointed out in my article comparing WSF/C and gSOAP as well as article compaing WSF/C and RogueWave’s HydraExpress the main minus point for WSF/C stack was its lacking of C++ API level support. Even at the time I was compairing these stacks WSF/C++ 1.0.0 was available but without code generation support and server side support. WSF/C++ is a fully featured release with API’s for writing services as well as complete code generation support. So now I can speak of WSF/C++ as a complete web services stack for C/C++ web services development with the added advantage of providing C++ support over the already feature rich WSF/C stack.
While using the C++ API’s for writing web services, developers can always exploit the underline WSF/C core API’s to his advantage.


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