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It is great to see that Axis2/C “The C web services stack” has it’s 1.4.0 version released. Thanks Dinesh for the great effort.

You can download this release from http://ws.apache.org/axis2/c/download.cgi

Key Features

1. Support for one-way messaging (In-Only) and request response messaging (In-Out)

2. Client APIs: Easy to use service client API and more advanced operation client API

3. Transports supported: HTTP
* Inbuilt HTTP server called simple axis server
* Apache2 httpd module called mod_axis2 for server side
* IIS module for server side
* Client transport with ability to enable SSL support
* Basic HTTP Authentication
* Digest HTTP Authentication
* libcurl based client transport

4. Transports supported: HTTPS
* HTTPS Transport implementation using OpenSSL

5. Transports supported: TCP
* for both client and server side

6. Transport proxy support (HTTP)
* Proxy Authentication (Basic/Digest)

7. Module architecture, mechanism to extend the SOAP processing model.

8. WS-Addressing support, both the submission (2004/08) and final (2005/08) versions,
implemented as a module.

9. MTOM/XOP support.

10. AXIOM, an XML object model optimized for SOAP 1.1/1.2 messages;
This has complete XML infoset support.

11. XML parser abstraction
* Libxml2 wrapper
* Guththila pull parser support

12. Both directory based and archive based deployment models for deploying
services and modules

13. Description hierarchy providing access to static data of
Axis2/C runtime (configuration, service groups, services, operations and messages)

14. Context hierarchy providing access to dynamic
Axis2/C runtime information (corresponding contexts to map to each level of
description hierarchy)

15. Message receiver abstraction
* Inbuilt raw XML message receiver

16. Code generation tool for stub and skeleton generation for a given
WSDL (based on Java tool)
*  Axis Data Binding (ADB) support

17. REST support (more POX like) using HTTP POST, GET, HEAD, PUT and DELETE
*  Support for RESTful Services

18. Comprehensive documentation
* Axis2/C Manual

19. WS-Policy implementation called Neethi/C, with WS-SecurityPolicy extension

Major Changes Since Last Release.

1. Fixed library version numbering
2. Made Guththila as default XML parser
3. Many bug fixes.
4. Memory leak fixes


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